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Throughout his career and education to date the founder has been inspired by the following business and management principles which now act as the backbone of our team culture:

  1. We are a company of owners. Owners take results personally.

  2. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work.

  3. We stress we are a unique team in everything we do.

  4. We are never completely satisfied with our results, which are the fuel for our company. Focus and zero complacency guarantee lasting competitive advantage.

  5. Integrity, hard work, quality, and responsibility are key to building our success.

  6. Each of our investor is our Boss. We serve them by offering investment, risk management skills and satisfactory returns, always in a responsible way.

  7. Superior returns are what attracts investors, people, and opportunities, keeping the wheels spinning.

  8. We believe common sense and simplicity are better guidelines than unnecessary sophistication and complexity.

  9. Transparency and information flow (also vis-à-vis investors) ease decision-making and minimize conflicts.

  10. We manage our costs tightly to free up resources that will support sustainability of the team and provide superior performance.

  11. We have no room for team members who put their own personal interests above the interests of our investors and partners.

  12. Hiring people who are better than ourselves, then training, challenging and retaining them is our way to achieve long term and sustainable performance.


  • We strictly conform to our behavioural values and abide by the highest standards of ethical conduct.


  • We conduct business with a moral responsibility and an ethical approach. We stay true to our values and are accountable in nurturing, increasing and maintaining the wealth of all our shareholders at all times.

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