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We Engineer Investment Ideas into Performance
European Private Equity and Digital Assets Strategies

We research and select the best ideas, bring together top-notch teams, after which we prove the concept and then finally put them forward to our investors

Fortiland is operating in the Private Equity market and in the Digital Assets space. It focuses on sectors where there is a clear competitive advantage and where alpha can still be delivered, steering clear of oversaturated markets with numerous players. 

Fortiland was set up by Raffaele Petrone.

Read more about the origin of our name: What is in a name?


We have a clear and long-term strategic guardrail, which guides us along the way to make the right choices, focus on our strategic priorities and pursue our ambitions for the future.


Our main mission is to deliver alpha from uncorrelated and niche private equity investments or asset class strategies by providing sustainable performance in a simplified, risk averse and trustworthy approach.


Our vision is to become the global reference point in our investment strategies by leveraging the experience and track-record of our international team and their strong passion in innovation, rigour, hard-work, deep and critical thinking, as well as a proper risk management framework.


We commit to operate with high standards and discipline, particularly in terms of responsible investing, typical of all well-established firms in this market in line with our previous experiences. Our consistent and disciplined approach is fundamental to reaching the goals we have set.


Fortiland believes that in addition to the skills, network and vision, culture is one of the most important assets to nurture and focus on. Our culture is both entrepreneurial and ambitious with a strong team work approach.

Our business and management principles (read).

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